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Lip Augmentation in Toronto

Lips are a key component of the over all appearance of the face. Fuller lips are associated with youth and beauty. A more full and rounded shape of the lips is softer and makes a person look happier and more approachable. Dr Carman - one of the first plastic surgeons in Canada to offer lip augmentation with fat injection - has extensive experience in augmenting lips using fat injection and can achieve permanent results with this technique.

In order to achieve these positive results with lip augmentation, attention to technical details is essential. Older, less efficient techniques can result in gradual absorption of the fat with disappointing long term results. The “Coleman technique”, used by Dr. Carman, has been proven to provide volume correction that lasts for years. Fuller lips always look more sensual, but lips don't have to be extra large to look nice. To ensure that you get the lips that you desire, a careful analysis of the required volume increase is essential. Goals and limitations must be reviewed. During your lip augmentation consultation Dr Carman will assess the size, volume, and shape of your lips and help you to decide if fat injection is the right lip augmentation option.
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